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End of Year Empower You Review - 2020

It’s free and it works! 

What Went Well? Journal

Daily reminders of the good in your life and the good that you bring to the world.

Move through the fear.

Even as a professional actor I had to move through the fear of “being seen.” We don’t have be stuck by fear. Is fear preventing you from living your best life? 

Design a life that suits you.

I’ve learned how to turn working trips into get-aways and I’ve helped people turn cluttered rooms into well-organized walk-in closets where they love to spend time. We get to define what work/life harmony looks like. Time to design a life and living spaces that flow in a way that helps you shine! 


Research the possibilities of doing something different. Then, experiment with it. Learn to stretch yourself without stressing yourself. Expand your mind, open your heart and be the breath of fresh air your life needs. 

The feedback from staff, students, and parents was exemplary…

Keynote Speaker – Riversity University High School – Milwaukee, WI

Michael Harris

Senior Director of Talent Management, Milwaukee Public Schools

Clients who have worked with me have learned to – 


Get OVER overwhelm!

disconnect from discouragement, and choose to engage or re-engage in their professional and personal lives.

Learn to TRUST in THEIR ability to make healthy and fulfilling decisions

that enhance their lives and the lives of those they influence.

Experience embracing the organizing process

 by purging clutter from their physical space, which enables them  to clear a path so they can walk into their future with confidence.

Gain the confidence they need to ACT on it, whatever “it” is

“It” might be: self-love,  decorating, traveling,  a career transition, love, life. 

Give themselves permission to

Live empowered and lead their best selves forward?

You have the power to change your life!

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Dr. Lisa Summerour