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What Went Well? for Couples is in the works. Look for this opportunity to celebrate relationship!
I gave this as a gift last Christmas with amazing results.
Dr. Gail Whitaker

Ordered the journal for myself and my best friend. Can’t wait to get it.
Kenya Craven

I love my book . I can honestly say I fell off from doing it everyday but let me tell you something, whenever you start to feel low or like things are all over the place mentally, depressed maybe stressed or anxiety… going to this book does something.

Chanelle Evette

The What Went Well? Journal is designed to help you think about the things that go well in your life every day. This daily exercise is based on research done by positive psychologist, Dr. Martin E. P. Seligman, as presented in his book, Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Wellbeing. It is estimated that approximately 70% of our daily thoughts are negative.

Consider the thoughts and emotions you devote to what has gone right in your life, as compared to what’s gone wrong. When was the last time you called a friend and spent 20-minutes railing about how right everything went that day? Exactly! The What Went Well? Journal is designed as an intentional practice that will have you focusing on the good things that happen to you, around you, and because of you – daily.

The What Went Well? Journal prompts you to recall, reflect, and reconnect with things that are going well, all the good stuff you experience that might otherwise slip by unnoticed. This book doesn’t erase bad and unpleasant experiences, they are a part of life. This What Went Well? Journal can help you avoid allowing bad and unpleasant experiences to take over your day, your week, or your life.

Inside the Adult’s Version of the What Went Well? Journal

Chapter #1 - Character Strengths Assessment
The Character Strengths Assessment reveals your greatest strengths. Becoming aware of your strengths that help you deal with stress and challenges, that help yoU become happier, and support you and developing healthier relationships can be an extremely empowering experience.
Chapter #2 - Meditation
This chapter exercise is designed to encourage exploration of ways that can help you rest or clear your mind. This does not have to involve religion, even though some religions to practice forms of meditation. Meditation can be practiced with our without prayer.
Chapter #3 - Financial Freedom Requires Your Full Engagement
Being aware of and engaged in your finances is your responsibility. Getting more money, will not fix anything if you haven’t learned to be intentional about managing what you currently have. This exercise is an opportunity to improve in this area.
Chapter #4 - Review Your Character Strengths
Knowing your Character Strengths can be so beneficial. This chapter exercise gives you the opportunity to review your top three strengths from Chapter #1 and reflect on how they may have shown up over the past few months.
Chapter #5 - Eating well or Eating Better - Pick One!
Being fully engaged and empowered involves you taking care of yourself, which includes eating healthy meals on purpose and consistently. This exercise provides tips to help you on this path. Better eating habits can be learned!
Chapter #6 - Physical Well-being
Your physical well-being is a huge key to you feeling well and operating at your pick in other areas of your life. Your energy level and ability to think clearly are enhanced when your body is getting the right about of rest, cardiovascular exercise and strength building work. This chapter exercise is designed to encourage you to focus on how you are doing physically and making any adjustments you deem necessarily if you think you need improvement.
Chapter #7 - Mental Wellness
Being healthy, head-to-toe, includes your mental well-being! Consider what you do to care for your mind. Do you have support? Do you need support?
Chapter #8 - Write Your Mission Statement
This can be a fun and revealing exercise. What is that guides you, brings clarity, and represents your purpose in this life? Identifying these things can provide a guide that you use for years to come, so you can stay on path and get back on your chosen path when you get detoured.
Chapter #9 - Give Thanks and Thank You's
Give thanks and be thankful! This chapter exercise is about identifying people in your life you want to thank! Then, you get to find creative ways to demonstrate your appreciation.
Chapter #10 - Purpose, Pleasure & Perspective
A chapter exercise that takes you inside of YOU. Don’t be frightened. You’re going inside to bring out those things that help you be of service to others or be an example to others.
Chapter #11 - Be a Tourist in Your Town!
What an incredible opportunity to explore the area where you currently live. Often, we take what’s right in front of us for granted. This is an opportunity to visit directly, or explore one or two new places using the internet.
Chapter #12 - Twelve Months of What Went Well!
Congratulations! You’re at the end of your What Went Well? Journal. The following questions will help you review the past 12 months. Enjoy!