What Dr. Lisa's clients have to say
Dr. Lisa makes challenging topics easy to navigate. She’s extremely knowledgeable, super professional, and fun. She helped our team create an open dialogue around difficult subjects that left us feeling connected and informed. Within minutes of working with Dr. Lisa I knew I could bring her other engagement-type challenges, and that I’d be supported to find a solution that left me feeling confident and clear on my next steps. And the next time I needed her, that’s exactly what happened. If you’re thinking about hiring someone to support you, or your team on sensitive issues around DEI and more – look no further.
Jana Dybinski

VP, Impact + Culture, Optimize

Dr. Lisa has been a consistent mentor and coach throughout my professional journey. She has provided immeasurable guidance on the importance of education and making positive decisions. When I was graduating college, she advised me to enter a master’s program while seeking additional career opportunities, in my field. Less than two years later, I was interviewing for a position with my dream company. As I’ve navigated the corporate environment, Dr. Lisa has continued to provide helpful resources, challenge me in areas of opportunity, and continue to instill a high level of confidence in myself.

Dr. Lisa in my opinion is the best at what she does, and I would recommend her services every day of the week.

Isaac Gittens

Football Development, NFL

I witnessed the flexibility and fluidity of her presentation style as she prompted active participation from industry leaders, and just hours later, held the attention of several thousand young adults who were engaged to the point of having an impromptu Q & A.

If your organization is considering hiring Dr. Summerour, prepare to be engaged and challenged because she is a facilitator, not a lecturer. She is also funny! She will use every resource available to help individuals feel empowered to learn and grow. And, she is a student of what she teaches. She has no problem not having the answers and taking the initiative to learn. Her contribution to our event was invaluable. I am certain you will have a similar experience.

Rosa Whitaker

President & CEO, The Whitaker Group - Accra, Ghana - Wash. D.C.

I would have highly recommended Dr. Summerour even before working this closely with her, but now that I have had the opportunity to plan such an important workshop with a woman who deeply understands mentorship, I feel inclined to reach out and recommend her to those who aren’t even looking for facilitators.

Sister Desiré Anne-Marie Findlay

Vocation Director, Felician Sisters

Dr. Lisa Summerour has a sensitivity that allows her to go right to the heart of the conversation. When our sessions ended, she had helped me embrace perspectives that had been overlooked and turned ideas into action steps.

Sonita L.

Director, Sound Designer, Music Director, Composer, Playwright, Educator

“…when I was asked to be a part of this engagement, the first thing I did was reach out to Dr. Lisa. I knew that that was her world, it’s what she does, speaking and teaching… And I wanted to do a great job.  So, I reached out to her, she helped me have a super solid foundation. We were able to build my talk off of real stories, real parts of my world, my life, my story… and cater it to the talk topic.”

Rebecca Jade

Singer, Song Writer, Musician, Public Speaker

Dr. Summerour kindly addressed my senior class of 2015 with an ambitious, sincere and honest message that left everyone encouraged to do their best. Lisa’s words and advice to the young people about the power of education and the doors of opportunity it will open for them was powerful. She spoke to the students with conviction and compassion and could easily relate to what they would face in a few hours—adulthood! The feedback from staff, students, and parents was exemplary. They wanted more of Dr. Lisa Summerour.

Michael Harris

Executive Director of Talent Management, Clarke County School District (former Milw. Public School Principal)

Having just completed my first manuscript I was discouraged to learn that the publishing process ahead of me was likely going to be more than a year and delay other areas of my professional career. Not only did Lisa provide me with a WEALTH of technical and professional information specific to publishing and writing, her sage advice and direct encouragement regarding my decision-making abilities doubled my self-confidence and trust in my professional abilities as well. It was invaluable! 

Thank you, Lisa, for helping me to “take that next step” in my professional journey! You are truly gifted at coaching!

Dr. Christine Bacon

Author, Motivational Speaker, and Radio Host of "Breakfast with Bacon" and Business Owner