Birthday #58 – Who Could’ve Imagined? Thanks Mom

Sep 5, 2020 | Empowerment, Family, Mind, Body, Spirit Connection, Relationships

A few months ago, while unpacking yet again, I pulled out my vision board. It’s tattered, and the glue has come undone from some of the pieces of paper, causing the corners to curl and lift off the art paper. For the most part, it’s intact. The clippings from magazines and images from years gone by all represented my dream of earning a doctorate, working from exotic locations around the world, becoming a powerful speaker, teacher, life coach, and corporate trainer. I wanted to do what I love and help others live the mantra, “You are the expert of your life!”

That vision board was 2012. I’ve accomplished what I put on that board: the doctorate, speaking engagement, corporate facilitator, etc. I’ve traveled to unique places for work and play. If you had asked me to design the plan as to how all of it would happen, I probably wouldn’t have been able to do that. But I believed it was possible, and I set my intention to be open to the miraculous possibilities.

You’re probably wondering where my mother fits into this year’s story. Stay with me.

Today, I work from home and my view, every day, is a tropical paradise. It’s better than the one I imagined, more beautiful than the image I put on my vision board. It’s better because it’s not a vacation or travel destination that I work from occasionally. It’s my home. I wake up to amazing views no matter which window I look from. We have more than 100 palm trees and a bench perfectly positioned to watch the sunset.

I’ve told the story of my mother introducing me to Greg just 14 months ago. She’s been at it again! Staying open to miraculous possibilities meant being flexible. Instead of her retiring and moving to live with me in Illinois, she agreed that it made more sense to sell my home and move to California, where she and Greg lived. Both of them had roots here, his son, much of his work, and my sisters and nieces were here for mom. It meant my mom could continue working if she wanted. It was unexpected, but it just made more sense.

So, together with the emotional and financial support from my mom, we moved. If we’re fortunate, we get to a point in our lives where creating a legacy becomes essential. If we’re incredibly fortunate, we get to a place where having generational wealth to pass on becomes a reality. My mother’s love and generosity have enabled us to live together on a property that neither of us could have imagined just 18 months ago.

Mom, thanks for bringing me into this world and for continuing to show me how beautiful the world can be when we continue believing in the unbelievable!

Happy birthday to me, #58.

Dr. Lisa Summerour is a speaker, coach, workshop facilitator, DIY enthusiast, and author of the What Went Well? Journal. The journal is designed to empower individuals by engaging them, each day, to write down what has gone well, and identify what caused the good to occur. The adult version also includes 12 months of engagement enhancing activities.