The Unifying Power of Music

Mar 25, 2020 | Empowerment, Engagement, Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is credited with saying, “Music is the universal language of mankind.” Dick Clarke referred to music as the “Soundtrack to our lives.” I do believe that music can bridge gaps where words often fall short. Although the COVID-19 coronavirus has thrust us into a global nightmare, we are learning that not even a pandemic can stop the unifying power of music. From balconies throughout Italy to opened windows in New York City, quarantined families and never-before-met neighbors are coming together to sing into the night. Have you caught yourself smiling at these images online or on the news? Have you been playing more music in your home these days? Perhaps you are one of those folks I’ve seen singing in the night from your balcony?!

With the power of music in mind, I want to invite you to a free online concert. Many of you know my fiancée, Greg Manning, is a musician, composer, and producer. While we are building a life together, which includes rehabbing a home we share with my mom, we also made time to build a pretty awesome studio!  This Saturday, at 10am PST, Greg will be playing in his new studio.

Access it on Facebook @OfficialGregManningMusic. On Saturday, Greg will show you around the studio, play a few songs, and share with you an unbelievable “thank you” gift. I’m not just saying this, you are not going to believe what he’s giving away. As a bonus, you may get to hear an unpublished song that he’s been working on. It’s his way of saying thank you and giving a little something back to each of you who has supported him throughout the years.

Finally, there’s this quote by Stevie Wonder, “Music is the essence of what gives us memories…” I love this quote because I can so relate to how certain songs can conjure up memories from my past. We tend to remember songs that played during pivotal periods in our lives? Do you remember a song that makes you think of high school or college? How about a song that reminds you of an old flame or a new love?

I just want to encourage you that even in times such as these, we have the opportunity to create lasting memories that will remind us of how blessed we are. Find small opportunities like this and create musical memories that give you reason to smile while reinforcing the fact that we are in this together.